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One of the best ways to prepare for the TEAS Exam is to purchase a test preparation guide specifically for this exam.

Our guide will include samples of test questions from the subject areas that will be covered on the exam as well as information regarding test question formats. It will highlight important concepts and provide tips for studying and test-taking. Another useful study preparation tool is to create or join a study group that meets regularly to review material on the exam. The TEAS Exam Overview The TEAS Admission Assessment Exam offered at the Nurses Learning Center consists of the following sections:

Reading Comprehension (60 minutes)
Vocabulary and General Knowledge (50 minutes)
Grammar (50 minutes)
Basic Math Skills (50 minutes)
Anatomy and Physiology (25 minutes)
Learning Style (15 minutes)
Personality Profile (15 minutes)
The total time allotted for the exam is 4.5 hours. At the conclusion of the 4.5 hour time period, the exam is automatically locked and no more time will be allowed for completion. Therefore, it is important that students keep track of their time and do not spend too much time on any one section. The TEAS Exam consists primarily of multiple choice questions. Most questions have 4 answers, only one of which is correct. Other questions have 5 choices, with multiple answers being correct. Some questions come with supplemental information, usually included on a pop-up screen in your TEAS testing window. There are also some open-ended calculations questions. Answers will be typed into the answer box. Calculators are NOT allowed in the testing room. However, the TEAS exam provides a calculator capability within the exam itself. (The Reach Test Calculator provided on the exam is exactly the same as the normal Windows calculator.) Additionally, during your exam, there might be a few questions which require you to sequence certain procedures. You will need to drop and drag items on the screen in order to provide the right sequence for the given procedure. Retesting is allowed after 30 days regardless of whether you originally tested at ACC or at another location. You may purchase the recommended study guide, (N.S.A.T.)

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