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TEAS, which stands for Test of Essential Academic Skills, is administered through Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) Nursing Education. The test is a basic aptitude test designed to identify students who would succeed in nursing school and who have the ability to think like a nurse.

The TEAS test (or TEAS exam) is comprised of the following components including:

  • Practice hundreds of Math, Science, Language, Medical Language, English Grammar, Anatomy and Physiology, Biology.

Sections are timed and passing scores are set at 85% higher to help build your skill sets so that you can pass the TEAS with ease.

Whats included for the $129.00
1. Math tutorial exams
A 762 MB Power Point downloadable presentation of a complete and comprehensive math course. This course has audio, visual as well as allowing the student to take practice exams directly within the Power Point presentation. This tutorial will take you through the basics of math, from adding and subtracting fractions, multiplication and division of fractions, basic algebra, solving for “x”, binomial equations, polynomial equations, math for medication equations, story problems, solving for exponential functions, manipulation of variables and much more. This tutorial is like having your own teacher in your home. It is a great study tool for those who need math help.
2. Reading Comprehension; This section is also included in the Power Point Presentation as well as other critical thinking exercises which the student can practice online. Don’t think, that just because you have a 4.0 in English and a College degree that you will pass the reading section without preparation. This is the biggest downfall that causes students to fail the TEAS.
3. Biology: This section is not just a basic review of biology, but it is based upon nursing school topics, which incorporate a more involved understanding of the human biology.
4. Anatomy and physiology questions with explanations. It is important to understand how the human body works. The nursing staff at the NLC understands that the types of questions on the NSAT will be geared toward nursing school A&P questions, which is why the questions are developed with the students needs in mind.
5. English Grammar
6. Language, spelling, verbal reasoning,vocabulary
7. A Free copy of the N.S.A.T. (Nursing School Admission Test) 3rd. Ed. This book is not yet on book store shelves. You will be the first to own your own copy. This book will be shipped free to all those who purchase the one month tutorial. The book is a great supplement to all the online questions.
9. 1000’s of 1st semester nursing school questions with explanations. The NLC knows how important it is to pass the nursing entrance test, but more importantly, to get through the first semester of nursing school. So, as an additional perk, our staff nurses have put together a database of tutorials to help those in their fist year of nursing school pass with ease. Students will have access to all questions and explanations to help prepare them for their first semester of nursing school. These questions will also help developing the critical thinking skills that you will need on the HESI, TEAS and NSAT.
10. A free downloadable copy of the book.
11. A free downloadable copy of the reading comprehension tutorials.
12. A free list of nursing school scholarship information.
This comprehensive package is $129.00 and gives students unlimited 3 months of access. All of us at the NLC believe that you won’t find a better value for your money anywhere on the web or in a college bookstore.

About the TEAS ATI
There is no passing score for the TEAS test. Instead, each section is given a composite score, and a score is given for content. It is agreed that the reading and math section are the most important. The test can be taken via a computerized version or through the more traditional paper. One advantage of taking it on a computer is that tests are scored immediately and automatically sent to the school where the test was administered. Since the test is not pass-fail, your score is used in conjunction with other components of your nursing school application to determine whether you will be accepted into the nursing program. Please allow 4 hours to receive your personal credential login and password. The hard copy book arrives in 7-10 business days or less upon purchase.

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Math Review (From basic adding, multiplying and dividing fractions long hand to college Algebra ..
A&P Review (Tutorials as they apply to the exam using nursing topics such as negative feedback...
Biology Review (from basic nomenclature to the physiology of how we utilize energy such as NADP...
Reading Comprehension (Nursing topics are used to help the student identify main ideas....
English Review (Proper grammar and syntax as used in sentences and presented as questions ...
Chemistry Review (basic dimensional analysis problems are covered along with mass ..........
Vocabulary (Students will learn to build their vocabulary with medical terms and more....

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