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HESI 2 Exam Review Contents

As a pre-nursing student you are planning on taking the HESI exam.  Therefore you should begin by practicing the questions included in your subscription.  It is not enough to just practice the questions, but to also understand the answers. The course is set up to cover all subject matter that is tested on the HESI,… Read more »

HESI A2 Anatomy and Physiology questions

So, you are going to be tested on anatomy and physiology.  Are you ready?  Yes? No?  If not, you need to prepare.  Typical study time that most students adhere to when preparing for the HESI A2 is 3-6 months and anywhere from 4-5 hours per day.  One would think that the nursing entrance exam is… Read more »

How to Prepare for the HESI Exam

You know there are a lot of online programs that tout how their tutorials will prepare students for the HESI or the TEAS exam.  But the truth is, that many students feel frustrated.  The feel overwhelmed because of so many choices and at the same time they don’t want to waste their money on a… Read more »

Who thinks their too old to go to Nursing School?

Have you dreamed of going into nursing school most of your life, but then, “life happened”?  Now that the kids are older and out of the house, or you may be retired and have some free time you may think that your too old to go to nursing school.  Don’t be dismayed, there is a… Read more »

Why do you want to become a Nurse?

Hi all my fellow nurses, nursing students and future nurses! Great question.  Personally, I think the best way to answer this question is to first look at the reason why someone shouldn’t go into the nursing profession. Don’t go into nursing because you think your going to make lots of money. Reason: Just the opposite… Read more »

how to get into nursing school

The Test of Essential Academic Skills: How to Get into Nursing School `

Whether you’ve long dreamed of exploring the country as a travel nurse, if you’ve always wanted to work with younger patients, or even if you feel like you have the compassion and bedside manner to help keep patients and their families calm in a crisis situation, you know that nursing is the right career choice… Read more »

what is the hesi exam

What Is the HESI and Why Do You Need It to Become a Nurse?

Recent estimates from the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, in order to meet the public need, the healthcare industry will have to hire about 1 million new nurses by the end of 2020. In short? If you’re looking to get into nursing school, now is the right time given the strength of the job market…. Read more »

10 Things You Need to Know to Pass the HESI Exam

Pass the HESI with flying colors with these tips. You’re ready to start your career in nursing, but you have to complete the educational requirements first. Before you can begin your time in nursing school, you’ll need to pass the HESI exam. Standing for Health Education Systems Incorporated, this test covers a variety of health science… Read more »

The TEAS Test: Your Guide to Prepare and Pass

Read on to discover how to prepare for and pass the TEAS test in 2019. Research shows that the number of registered nurses in the United States will jump from 2.9 million in 2016 to 3.4 million by 2026. Driving this 15% uptick is a growing number of students making the decision to enroll in nursing school…. Read more »

Pass the NSAT, Nursing School Admission Test

Curious about what is coming down the road for nursing entrance exams?  You have come to the right place.  The Nurses Learning Center is the official site of the new Nursing School Admission Test, called the NSAT’s.  The NSAT will prepare you to pass any nursing school entrance exam.  We will also be giving away… Read more »