Nursing School Admission Test Math Tutor

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Students who are seeking math help with the TEAS ATI can now take advantage of this comprehensive math tutorial which can be easily accessed as a download after purchase. This math tutorial contains complete step by step explanations starting from basic math which includes addition, subtraction and multiplication of fractions to advanced algebraic manipulation of variables, exponents and story problems. There are two downloads which accompany this price. One is a PDF document of math problems with explanations, the other is a comprehensive Power Point presentation with voice over explanations with interactive practice quizzes, where the student can click on an answer and then click on the explanation of how the problem was solved.


The Math tutor is a necessity for anyone who needs math help but can't afford a tutor. Professor Kimmel used this same program to help train pre-nursing students in math and to build their math skills. Students should be able to calculate answers without a calculator regardless of the level of difficulty. This is the mind set which you should go into the exam with and should be able to manipulate math problems without a calculator once you have mastered the tutorials and lessons.


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