TEAS Personal Math Tutor

Have you found it difficult to find a good math review book? I'm sure you have had a hard time. Math is not a subject that many can learn on their own, especially when it's crunch time and the have to prepare for exams. I developed this math tutorial to be a virtual teacher to all my students because not only do you see me work out the problems, but I talk through it.

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It's got audio. You will be able to download this to your computer and review the math concepts that area required to know on the nursing school admission test. When you open the link, make sure that you download it in a place on your computer where you can find it. Also it opens in Power Point, so make sure that you have Microsoft Power Point on your lap top, desk top or tablet. You must enable macros and open it in full presentation mode to be able to use all the cool extras. I thought that you might like a video of the software so you can see for yourself how cool it is. Remember, the goal here is to learn the math so that you can perform problems deftly and correctly without a calculator. This math prep program will take you from beginning math where you will learn how to add, subtract, multiple and divide whole numbers and fractions all the way up to college algebra. You won't find this detailed math help anywhere unless you pay a professor by the hour. I designed this so students wouldn't have to pay me by the hour, because it really would have taken a lot of hours to cover this much material in math. So I put an entire 2 math courses together in one program. So don't be scared, trust me. When your done with this program, you will be able to long divide in your head and you'll be ready for your test whether it be the HESI or the TEAS. Because math is math, no one can change how problems are solved. It's just that simple! The cost of the virtual math tutor is $75. However if you consider that a professor of math would charge $70 per hour, you would pay for one hour the same price you can pay for an entire 2 courses, and if you don't understand something you can play it again and again, or print out the slides and listen again to the explanation. Personal TEAS Math Tutor

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