This is a 40 hour course. Medical professionals such as RN’s, LPN’s, MD’s, Medical Assistants, Pharmacists and Dentists are welcome to take the I.V.Course. All students will receive an approved Michigan certificate as a I.V. Technician. Previous medical background is required. Current students are allowed to enroll. We can take up to 12 students per class. call 734-762-3220 for enrollment and dates of upcoming classes.  The online option is also available to medical professionals.  The National IV exam is included in the course cost.  Students will learn about the scope of practice of IV insertion, hypotonic, hypertonic and isotonic solutions, angiocath gauges, complications and mathematical drip rate calculations.  Students taking this class online locally, may come to our 1 day inservice for hands on practice.  Our students in different states may attend the class as well on Skype.  Please inquire for dates of inservice.

Students will have access to new state of the art videos recorded directly from the classroom as well as easy access to their instructor.

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