You know there are a lot of online programs that tout how their tutorials will prepare students for the HESI or the TEAS exam.  But the truth is, that many students feel frustrated. Which is why students need a verifiable study tool such as the HESI exam Prep and the TEAS Exam Prep The feel overwhelmed because of so many choices and at the same time they don't want to waste their money on a computerized tutorial that really won't prepare them for anything.  When scoping out reliable study tools, whether it be books or online practice exams, students should be sure to verify the credentials of the author.  For instance, who is the actual author?  Can you even find a name?  Is it just a company?  What is their experience in nursing or are they a one stop shop where they offer study guides for just about every entrance test out there?  Maybe their covers look good and their advertising is enticing, but can they deliver?

These are all good questions that every student should ask themselves when looking for additional study materials to give them the edge to pass the exam with scores in the 95 percentile.  Let's be real, even the books and materials that are offered by those who write the tests fall short a fully preparing the student to pass.  Perhaps they have to produce incompleteness with respect to their study packages.  Why? Because if their materials were everything a student needed, then no one would fail?  But we know that there are many students that use the actual approved materials from the testing organizations and they do not pass.  Therefore students feel that they must seek out reliable study materials.  They problem is this, if they can't rely on the actual organization for completeness then who can they rely on?

Quite a conundrum right?  Well it doesn't have to be.  We at the Nurses Learning Center are nurses who have taken all the tests.  We are nursing instructors.  We are educators who have written books on healthcare education and tests.  We understand the frustration and want you to pass, because we need more nurses!

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