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So the time is getting closer. You have paid for the TEAS and now you have to study. You have chosen your study guides and reference books. You have taken most of your prerequisites. Everything is in order. But the question that keeps nagging at you in the back of your mind is, are you ready? You even gave yourself 4 months to study. But then other questions arise, are you sure that you have the right materials? Are the books and study guides going to be sufficient? It also seems that the more people that you talk to the more self conscious you feel. Here are some words of comfort, or word if you will, "relax". This is being written not by a publicist or someone who is getting paid to put up words on a website. It's me, Nancy Kimmel, nurse, RN, Family Nurse Practitioner Board Certified. I know what you are in store for and how to get the results that will make nursing admissions coordinators notice. I had a student use my book a few years back, before we had the online portion and launched the new version. She studied the book and got a 98% on the TEAS. They admitted her to nursing school immediately. She was actually going for the bridge program from bachelors degree to RN in one year, so admission was based on a point system. The school only took those students who scored higher than a 85% on the TEAS. When she went in for her interview, the nurse education coordinator asked her what book did she study to get such a high score. She pulled out the book and showed it to her. The nurse educator told her not to tell anyone about it. True story! In today's internet world where everyone is trying to sell everything, it's hard to know what's real and what's just schlock. I'm here to tell you, we are real. I am real and I want you to pass your entrance test. Here's another true story. I was the originator of the book and website called, "The NET Study Guide". For real. I'm not going to tell you which company pushed me out and took my company's name. But I will tell you they are very big now. But you know, it's ok, because I'm still here helping everyone. This same company tried to hire me to write the famous tests for them. I said no. Well of course anyone would. So here's the facts, you need help with math, I got you covered. You need help with all the other subjects, you bet, we have the study tools for every subject. Teaching math and engineering for 10 years is probably a decent resume to offer math tutorials. So, how to get ready for the big test? Use the Nurses Learning Center, that's how. I guarantee that you will be glad you did.

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