As a pre-nursing student you are planning on taking the HESI exam.  Therefore you should begin by practicing the questions included in your subscription.  It is not enough to just practice the questions, but to also understand the answers.

The course is set up to cover all subject matter that is tested on the TEAS

The selection of test subject matter for the TEAS exam is as follows:


2. Math

This math course helps students learn math from basic math up to algebra.  There are multiple training tutorials to help students understand a practice their math skills.  This course will build your math skills.

Students will begin with basic addition and subtraction, multiplication and division.

Next, powers will covered both in the forms of numbers, positive and negative, and variables.

Then students will begin to learn about solving simple story problems and then progress to more difficult problems.

Reading Comprehension is the second topic that is covered in depth.

With reading comprehension students must learn critical thinking.  Therefore complex subject matter are illustrated in paragraph form and the questions that follow are based upon the paragraph.  Keep in mind that when answering the reading comprehension questions that they will not be straight forward.  Instead, the questions will ask about what does the author, "infer", "suggest", "relate to" , compare/contrast and other non-specific questions.  Therefore the student must practice learning the techniques of how to answer these questions while at the same time grasping difficult subject matter they have never seen.  The way the reading comprehension is presented on the TEAS can cause the student who is a 4.0 to fail this portion.  Which is why there are over four comprehensive reading comprehension chapters for students to practice.

The other section that students are tested on is Chemistry.  While chemistry may be hard, the student needs to understand how to use dimensional analysis.  Nursing has become an evidenced based science. As such, the student is expected to learn how to use the basic concepts of calculations, manipulation of decimals, powers and how to extrapolate an answer given starting products.

Biology is the next topic that students will be tested on.  While many students love biology, remember the test is for entrance into nursing school.  Therefore you must ask yourself the following, what are the subjects of biology that are most important to know that relate to human homeostasis and the propagation of the species?  Directly what should follow as you answer, would be the gametes, the zygote, the reproduction process, the blastula and grastula.  The topic of biology is too vast to ask the pre nursing student how it is that plants can split a molecule of water within their mitochondria while using an electron from sunlight, while humans cannot.  More importantly the student on the cellular aspects of biology.

Last in the sciences is anatomy and physiology.  This  is also a vast and complex topic.  But be not dismayed at the volume.  The anatomy and physiology is once again based upon the premise of its relationship to the homeostasis and the disease process.  Such as this may be, the student must pay close attention to detail when studying the negative feedback loops associated with the liver, pancreas and pituitary.  Additionally, you will want to pay close attention to the epidermis and the cells associated with the layers.  Why you may ask?  Because you need to think about skin cancer, such as small cell and basal cell.  Bones are also important. Many emergencies occur with broken bones such as green stick fractures, broken hips, fractured hips and skull fracture.  Type I and Type II diabetes is also important.  This is why students will see questions as such on our tutorials and questions.  Some students actually feel that they don't need to know certain concepts, but what we at the Nurses Learning Center are preparing you for is in fact nursing school!

English, grammar and vocabulary are fairly straightforward. However, the words we will also prepare you with are medical terms.  The reason for this is due to the fact that you will need to know these word in the first semester of nursing school.  So, while we are preparing you to pass the HESI or the TEAS ATI for that matter, we are also in fact preparing you to do well in nursing school.

We hope that you enjoy the tutorial and do well on your exam.

If you would like to get a preview of the questions please feel free to take a free practice test. Just click on this link.

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