Preparing for the TEAS Exam

One of the best ways to prepare for the TEAS Exam is to purchase a test preparation guide specifically for this exam. Our guide will include samples of test questions from the subject areas that will be covered on the exam as well as information regarding test question formats. It will highlight important concepts and… Read more »

How to Get Ready for the TEAS Test

So the time is getting closer. You have paid for the TEAS and now you have to study. You have chosen your study guides and reference books. You have taken most of your prerequisites. Everything is in order. But the question that keeps nagging at you in the back of your mind is, are you… Read more »

TEAS Exam Review Contents

As a pre-nursing student you are planning on taking the HESI exam.  Therefore you should begin by practicing the questions included in your subscription.  It is not enough to just practice the questions, but to also understand the answers. The course is set up to cover all subject matter that is tested on the TEAS… Read more »

HESI A2 Anatomy and Physiology questions

So, you are going to be tested on anatomy and physiology.  Are you ready?  Yes? No?  If not, you need to prepare.  Typical study time that most students adhere to when preparing for the HESI A2 and the TEAS Exam Prep is 3-6 months and anywhere from 4-5 hours per day.  One would think that… Read more »

How to Prepare for the HESI Exam

You know there are a lot of online programs that tout how their tutorials will prepare students for the HESI or the TEAS exam.  But the truth is, that many students feel frustrated. Which is why students need a verifiable study tool such as the HESI exam Prep and the TEAS Exam Prep The feel overwhelmed… Read more »

what is the hesi exam

What Is the HESI and Why Do You Need It to Become a Nurse?

Recent estimates from the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, in order to meet the public need, the healthcare industry will have to hire about 1 million new nurses by the end of 2020. In short? If you’re looking to get into nursing school, now is the right time given the strength of the job market…. Read more »

10 Things You Need to Know to Pass the HESI Exam

Pass the HESI with flying colors with these tips. You’re ready to start your career in nursing, but you have to complete the educational requirements first. Before you can begin your time in nursing school, you’ll need to pass the HESI exam. Standing for Health Education Systems Incorporated, this test covers a variety of health science… Read more »

The TEAS Test: Your Guide to Prepare and Pass

Read on to discover how to prepare for and pass the TEAS test in 2019. Research shows that the number of registered nurses in the United States will jump from 2.9 million in 2016 to 3.4 million by 2026. Driving this 15% uptick is a growing number of students making the decision to enroll in nursing school…. Read more »

The Psychological Profile Portion of the Nursing Entrance Test

Anyone who takes the Nursing Entrance Test must take the psychological profile assessment upon completion of the math and reading comprehension sections. This assessment includes questions that may seem too personal for some people to comfortably divulge on topics that ask about details of their personalities, finances and emotions. Many of us are not predisposed… Read more »

The Nursing Entrance Test, Test Anxiety, and Stress

What is the Nursing Entrance Test? The test evaluates areas that are essential for academic success including basic math skills up to beginning algebra and reading comprehension. The Nursing Entrance Test must be passed with a score that is dictated by the community college or university. Some nursing schools require higher passing scores than others…. Read more »