Making the right choice in study materials is the best preparation strategy to pass the HESI.  The HESI learning center offers exams and thorough explanations to help the student to not only understand the question, but also to answer them with confidence, speed and skill.

We have put together some subject practice tests such as:

Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, English Grammar, Math, Reading Comprehension, Physics, Chemistry and Vocabulary.  Please see some of the practice tests to help you prep to pass the HESI.



This online tutorial is designed to alleviate the stress by providing a clear path to “passing the first time”.

The designer of the exam has personally tutored students success. Take the HESI Test with confidence and “pass the first time”!

Dr. Nancy Kimmel, one of the authors of the online software, writes:

“I can say with confidence, anyone who can score an 80% of the post-final exam for math and reading, will pass the HESI Test the first time using this study guide.

Many students simply cannot pass the HESI Test the first time. I have decided it is time to change that. I encourage all feedback. It is my goal that this software will benefit all those who seek to become nurses. I am happy to help their careers along”.


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