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Nurses with a greater range in their vocabulary have greater chances of communicating correctly than those who do not. In the operating room or on the floor, nurses need to be able to communicate effectively and having a robust vocabulary is a key part of being able to do that.  Here are some of the practice vocabulary words that you will be tested on throughout the online program.  Make sure that your vocabulary skills are strong.

1) Chortle Laugh 23) Spurious Fake
2) Discrepancy Inconsistency 24) Puissant Powerful
3) Trudge Walk wearily 25) Mellifluous Sweet
4) Odious Dislikable 26) Lachrymose Tearful
5) Paradox Self-contradictory statement 27) Mollify Appease
6) Renege Break a promise 28) Expurgate Purge
7) Assuage Soothe 29) Celerity Speed
8) Pragmatic Practical 30) Clandestine Secret
9) Reticent Restrained 31) Bellicose Warlike
10) Salubrious Wholesome 32) Defenestrate Throw from window
11) Subterfuge Deception 33) Pusillanimous Lacking courage
12) Ubiquitous Omnipresent 34) Termagant Quarrelsome woman
13) Intractable Unsolvable 35) Crepuscular Twilight
14) Truculent Savage 36) Disgruntled Unhappy
15) Vortex Whirlpool 37) Sinecure Paid job with little work
16) Vex Annoy 38) Ptarmigan Type of bird
17) Immolate Fire sacrifice 39) Sepulchral Belonging to a tomb
18) Ignominious Shameful 40) Palimpsest Reused parchment
19) Hyperbole Exaggeration 41) Turpitude Depravity
20) Foible Weakness 42) Tryst A meeting
21) Macabre Gruesome 43) Diatribe Denunciation
22) Malevolent Hostile 44) Masticate Chew

Think you need more practice. That’s fine. You may purchase the subject tests for Vocabulary only or you can choose to purchase the comprehensive HESI package.

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