Nancy Lydia Kimmel
Nancy Kimmel, director of the Nurses Learning Center, has earned her Master of Science in Nursing as of November 13th, 2016. Passing the Michigan board exam, Kimmel now holds the title Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) among her many other credentials. By taking the ANCC Boards in January, she can use the letters BC, which stand for Board Certified, after her title. This great achievement underscores Kimmel’s, as well as PCT’s, belief that continuing education is a core component of professionalism in the healthcare industry.

Since the Nurses Learning Center was founded 10 years ago, it has upheld its unwavering commitment to training and educating students. As part of its mission, NLC instills in every student the desire to never stop learning industry techniques, standards and procedures.

Because of this dedication to continued education, NLC offers multiple online test preparation for future nursing students just starting out, as well as those that are already practicing in the field.

The goal? To produce competent, caring and professional graduates who go on to become successful in their prospective fields of study.

The NLC difference is the belief that students come first in the classroom, but patients come first in the real world. Thinking in this way allows NLC to build training courses for those who will ultimately benefit – the students.

In order to set NLC apart from other online tutorials, Nancy Kimmel is dedicated to providing only strong, experienced, professional instructors to write the practice questions. While Professor Kimmel could easily teach nursing at a university or local community college, she prefers to prepare the future nursing students where she has been a cornerstone for the past 10 years.

Nancy Kimmel is involved in every aspect of the nurses learning center, digging her hands into exhausting lesson planning and creating course materials. Her effort to continue her own education speaks volumes to how important she believes it is for professionals to continue receiving a quality education as long as they can.

“My main goal in life has always been to help others at the highest level. Receiving my Master’s of Science in Nursing can now be used to benefit our students by providing them with the best education we can possibly give them in a short period of time. I truly believe that our students will be the ones to see the positive changes this brings about in their curriculum shortly.

But, I’m not finished gaining experience. My other goal is to work weekends at the local ER.”

Nancy Kimmel, Registered Nurse A.S., B.S., PhD, MSN FNP, BC (2016)

She is encouraging all those using the software and begin their nursing careers to continue coming to the website, for she is going to have practice tests and resources available for the nursing students currently in nursing school so that they will not fail or fall behind. If you consider how much time and money is lost when a nurse has to drop out of the program due to a failing score of a 79.991. It is worth the student’s time and effort to use the website to prepare for nursing exams. Dr. Kimmel is devoted to helping students succeed in nursing school.

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